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yay more!

Toonsmyth responds:

There is more. LOTS more! So stay TOONed! ;)


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Keep em coming bro :D

@&amp;lt; Rap Roc Music Vid &amp;gt;@ @< Rap Roc Music Vid >@

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"This Score Reversed ><"

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dacookup responds:

:O -/\---[

24 in 24 24 in 24

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This was an amazing project, it was alot of fun, and I am glad I contribute my voice and ideas. There were so many people there contributing, it was exciting to see the ideas evolve and change.. For anyone who is wondering reading this, I was the screaming toast :D

James and Hania, an INCREDIBLE JOB! Seriously, this was a great way to encourage people to do Collabs together. I met alot of great people, and it was a blast, I will be on the side lines in future cheering and doing voices for you both :D

JamesLee responds:

Thanks Trixen for all of your help and support. It was good to have people there at 2am cheering us on!
Those two screams still make me laugh.

South Park on Censorship South Park on Censorship

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Sincerely, thank you so much for making this..The whole issue has boiled my blood for a while now, and I wanted to express this so much.. Have you uploaded this on youtube?

BTW, your stan voice is very damn close, great job, seriously, Im a voice actor so Im very perticular about voices, you came pretty damn close.. If you ever need a voice actor for other south park voices let me know =3 I would love to star in your animations =3

But anyway, back to your message. I totally agree, by having people threatening violence to get their way, means you shouldnt cave in. As far as I am concerned, when you live in a country that has freedom of speech, your entitled to use. I dont give a damn what laws they have in the middle east, If Im living there, ILL RESPECT THOSE LAWS. But the point I am making is, no one has any right to tell other countrys how to run their own laws. So for any Muslem American's making threats, they dont have a right to even call them selves american, let alone live there. THE SAME FUCKING LAWS LET THEM SAY THEY HATE FUCKING SOUTH PARK OR EVEN OTHER RELIGIONS! Its so bullshit, when it works for them they are in total agreeance, when it goes against the grain of what they believe, they cry like little bitches. THATS NOT HOW EQUALITY WORKS. I hear all the time, that they just want to be treated like everyone else, by allowing censorship, we arnt, we are giving them a petastool to stand on, because they are the acception to the rules. I have yet to hear 1 good arguement from their side why they should have their way... And thats the point, they dont have a good arguement, why do you think they threaten violence? Violence is what's threatend when the ignorant and the cowardly cant learn to use their fucking mouths to express them selves. I never want to hear them talk about tolerance or understanding ever again, when they cant respect the western world and act like they are the misunderstood underdogs all the time. You cant learn on that crotch for to long before it just becomes an excuse and not a reason.

Anyway, I had more to say, but I'd imagine I'd piss people off with my ranting, so I'll stop there.. Thanks again and lots of respect


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psychicpebbles responds:

Yes it's on Youtube. My account name there is thepsychicpebble. Thanks for that in-depth review, you understand my message. I think I can say that I'm not the only one who was really aggravated by this. The Stan voice was actually done by someone else, but they wished to remain anonymous because of hate mail from extremists. Irony, eh? Anyways, I don't think I'll be doing any more South Park, but I could use some other voices if you want to assist. Go to my user page. Thanks.

Dragonball Anime Star Dragonball Anime Star

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I enjoyed it, story was...different.. But you could improve on voices, if you ever need some dbz voices, let me know, I do a pretty good job, and I love dbz as a series =D. Im willing to help just let me know =3

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Dbdowen responds:

Yea haha the stories i do are always usually crazy man!! Thanks for your Nice review and i may take you up on your offer.

Epic Beard Man Epic Beard Man

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Hey, good stuff, but

I like your flash and all, but im curious, what was your stance on the whole incident? I dunno, I saw an interview, and I feel bad for the guy, his Mother died, and that guy picked the fight..

So what was your opinion on the whole thing?

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JohnnyUtah responds:

After watching him explain the entire incident I'm totally on his side. I am curious however about what put him in prison for 14 years after "going crazy" as he put it.

The most shocking fact was that black guy being 50 YEARS OLD.

Trunks goes insane AGAIN! Trunks goes insane AGAIN!

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Great work dude, voted 10

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Vegeta's Secret Vegeta's Secret

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hehe excellent

Hey man, voted you 5! If you ever need voices, let me know, my skype is trixen01 =D

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vlaktemaat responds:

thanks a lot!

Projection Projection

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Im a sap...

I hate to say it, but that was cheesy.. very very cheesy.. but at the same time, I loved it, even if it seemed a little cliche, Hope you and your girl have a beautiful future ahead, and I wish you both infinite happiness =)

SuperAscendedZAIN responds:

Cliche and cheesy dont even begin to describe it lol. She loves that sorta stuff though, so it worked.
glad you enjoyed it as well :)